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State-owned Lake Asphalt of Trinidad and Tobago carries out the mining operation. The company, which is more than 100 years old, also does refining and distributes the asphalt – its products are sold all over the world, with China and Germany now among its biggest customers. Asphalt is sold as bitumen, bitumen emulsions and asphalt cement. A new pelletised version of its asphalt has also ...


U.S. GEOLOGICAL SURVEY—MINERALS INFORMATION 1 THE MINERAL INDUSTRY OF TRINIDAD AND TOBAGO By Ivette E. Torres Trinidad and Tobago's gross domestic p roduct (GDP) grew In 1995, plans for a new liqu efied natural gas (LNG) plant

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Urbanisation creates a growing demand for minerals and cement. The mining and cement industries play a vital role in global industrialisation and urbanisation, supporting governments and businesses around the world in their efforts to improve infrastructure and standards of living.

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Besides petroleum, Trinidad and Tobago's minerals include asphalt, direct-reduced iron, limestone and sulphur. Asphalt, a mineral used in the road construction industry, has been mined in the country since the nineteenth century. Lake Asphalt, a state owned enterprise, extracts the mineral from Pitch Lake in La Brea. Portland cement, a by-product of limestone, is produced by Trinidad Cement ...

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The recoverable reserves of Minerals in Trinidad and Tobago identified by a recently concluded strategic environmental assessment are estimated at 467 Million Metric Tonnes (see Table 1 below).

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Trinidad and Tobago has a very sophisticated economy for a country of its size, embracing mineral extraction, agriculture, industry, tourism and services, but it is underpinned by a single commodity – oil – which was first discovered in 1866.

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Cement/Lime Having worked with the cement and lime industries for many years, Air Products has helped customers with all types of kilns improve their operations. Our combustion specialists have developed extensive knowledge and practical experience in the implementation of oxygen-enhanced combustion in cement and lime manufacturing.

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For the last decade, IMASCO has provided the products to achieve an acrylic texture that adds the same character to your building as cement stucco, yet with all the acrylic advantages: countless colours, shade consistency, mold and mildew resistance, water repellency, easy maintenance and longevity.

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Cement manufacturers must process the selected and prepared mineral raw materials to produce the synthetic mineral mixture (clinker) that can be ground to a powder having the specific chemical composition and physical properties of cement.

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Agostini's Building and Fastening Systems Agostini Building and Fastening Systems (ABFAST) The ABFAST Division is an amalgamation of our Agostini Fastenings Division and the Building Materials side of our Agostini Interiors Division.

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MINING. MINING AND MINING RESOURCES Although there had been attempts for over a century to establish small-scale mining in Jamaica, the present well-established mineral industry of Jamaica only dates back to 1952 when the export of kiln dried metallurgical bauxite ore was started.

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Thus, the petroleum and natural gas industries effectively control the economy in Trinidad and Tobago, and the minerals industry (bauxite, cement, etc.) is of prime importance in Jamaica, with sugar and food having an impact in all territories.

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The following economic minerals are located in Trinidad and Tobago: Andesite – Tobago. This rock type is part of the Bacolet Formation, which includes according to Maxwell (1948) "interbedded tuffs, tuff breccias and agglomerates and some intercalated flows".

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Cement Market Review is a source for detailed information on the market situation. The report contains descriptive and analytical parts, enriched with tables and figures for national and global markets. Market forecasts for the next five years complete the report.

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11.6 Portland Cement Manufacturing 11.6.1 Process Description1-7 Portland cement is a fine powder, gray or white in color, that consists of a mixture of hydraulic cement materials comprising primarily calcium silicates, aluminates and aluminoferrites. More than 30 raw materials are known to be used in the manufacture of portland cement, and these materials can be divided into four distinct ...

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Schneider's Cement Production Optimization Solution helps cement producers monitor, control, and identify process inefficiencies and thereby improve plant and energy efficiency. This video shows the solution in action at the Quzhai Cement plant in China, with customer feedback on the value of the solution to their business.

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Membership in CARICOM. According to the Treaty of Chaguaramas, of the Caribbean Community shall be open to any other State or Territory of the Caribbean Region that is, in the opinion of The Conference, able and willing to exercise the rights and assume the obligations of.

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In 1999, Trinidad Cement Limited Group (TCL Group) acquired the majority shareholding in Carib Cement. The TCL Group also owns two other cement plants in the English Speaking Caribbean located in Trinidad (Trinidad Cement Limited) and Barbados (Arawak Cement Company Limited). The TCL Group operates other related manufacturing facilities throughout the Caribbean.

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Trinidad and Tobago is the leading Caribbean producer of oil and gas, and its economy is heavily dependent upon these resources but it also supplies manufactured goods, notably food and beverages, as well as cement to the Caribbean region. Oil and gas account for about 40% of GDP and 80% of exports, but only 5% of employment.

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The Asphalt industry in Trinidad is located at the Pitch Lake at the town of La Brea in southwestern Trinidad, Trinidad and Tobago and it has gained a reputation for itself as the world's largest deposit.

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Product Name: 17/23 Asphalt Cement Origin: Produced by blending refinery bitumen, a heavy oil residue from the refining of crude petroleum, with naturally occurring Trinidad Lake Asphalt.

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Existing Functions. The Minerals Act, Chp. 61:03, governs the Minerals Sector in Trinidad and Tobago. As provided for under the said Minerals Act, the Minister is responsible for the general administration of the Act, and the Director of Minerals is responsible for the implementation of the Act.

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Case study: Trinidad Cement conquers dust in… Trinidad Cement Limited needed to knock down dust particles with greater effectiveness than hand spraying at …

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Non-Metallic Mineral Product Manufacturing In today's globally competitive environment, you require the best technologies for your mineral processing operation and an experienced supplier who can implement them safely and effectively.

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Cement/Lime Having worked with the cement and lime industries for many years, Air Products has helped customers with all types of kilns improve their operations. Our combustion specialists have developed extensive knowledge and practical experience in the implementation of oxygen-enhanced combustion in cement and lime manufacturing.

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Other mineral commodities produced in Trinidad and Tobago were asphalt, cement, direct-reduced iron (DRI), limestone, natural gas liquids, and sulfur (table 1).